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Africa - South Africa

MegaFlora Super 3xHybrid trees are currently being planted as a part of the solution for the South Africa drought issues.

Insurance firm turns to planting trees in South Africa to combat drought risk

In the 20th century farmers here were subsidised to run as many sheep as they could and cut water channels into the land to aid runoff. These practices wiped out the subtropical thicket, a forest which retained water during periods of low rainfall. Compounding that, South African scientists say the changing climate now causes rain to fall in more isolated storms, which in turn cause even more runoff.

This “double whammy” is typical of degraded lands around the world, according to conservation group IUCN, which recently highlighted the restoration project as a successful way to regenerate landscapes.

The approach developed relationships between everyone who has a stake in the water, the land and the jobs that depend upon it, and in turn started restoring the landscape, planting trees, creating weirs and funding it through public and private finance gathered from users.

Africa - South Africa

Water Crisis Grips Cape Town, South Africa

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